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Scientronic’s ultimate goal is to provide you with a total solution to your analytical needs. To meet this goal, we offer a complete line of services, including a training program to help you get the most out of your instrumentation and results. For more information about our training courses and schedules contact us

Scientronic in-house and onsite LC , UHPLC and UPLC schools.

One day HPLC/ UPLC and Chromatography Data System training course.

  • Chromatography overview.
  • Explanation and Theory of HPLC, UHPLC, UPLC systems.
  • How to start developing a new method.
  • Gathering the correct information to get the best separation.
  • Column Technology (What to look for when choosing a column).

Preparing mobile phase and the importance of Filtration and Cleanliness.

    • Cleaning  Glassware
    •  Filtering mobile Phase
    • Sample Prep and Filtration
    • Preparing the Chromatographic systems pre run
    • Priming solvent manager
    • Prime seal wash
    • Prime syringes
    • Prime Needle wash
    • Using correct vials (presplit)
  • Connecting columns correctly.
  • Column Heater and equilibrating.
  • Monitoring Baseline.
  • Shutdown.
  • Flushing system after run.
  • Storing system and columns when not in use.

Maintenance and troubleshooting .

  • Cutting tubing and correct connection of ferrules.
  • Column care and use.
  • Training on how to determine when an issue occurs if the system has a problem or the problem is caused by the chemistry or column.
  • Performing a system band spreading test.

Software overview.

  • Benefits of Chromeleon or Empower
  • Using Chromeleon or Empower effectively
  • Backing up data
  • Restoring data

Waters – The First Choice for All Your Training Needs

Waters Educational Services is the leading training organization empowering scientists to maximize their skills in UPLC, HPLC, LC/MS, and Data Management.
No other company has the resources, know-how and commitment to make you successful with Waters Technology. We strive to be an educational resource from the time you purchase an instrument though it’s entire life cycle by offering a variety of courses covering both introductory and advanced applications. At the conclusion of each class, students receive a certificate of attendance for their records.

Our certified instructors – masters in their subject area – can come to your location and create a program based on your needs and level of experience.
Every year, Waters helps more than 6,000 users acquire, maintain, and improve their technical and chromatography skills. Contact our training department today and put our expertise and insight to work for you.

Uptime and Productivity

Performance Maintenance from Waters addresses immediate and future service issues on Waters instrumentation to maximize system productivity and uptime.

  • Minimizes unscheduled down-time that might affect your productivity
  • Helps lower your overall cost of ownership

Scheduled at your convenience, a Performance Maintenance visit is a feature of many of our Instrument Service Plans:

  • Meets the demands of your Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) whether you are in highly regulated or non-regulated areas
  • Ensures a consistent maintenance standard for your instruments, wherever their location around the world, through the application of Performance Maintenance Kits that contain necessary material and appropriate documentation
  • Performance Maintenance Kits contain all the Waters Quality Parts® needed to be maintained within a 12-24 month period in order to keep your instrumentation at peak performance
  • Waters Quality Parts, manufactured under strict regulatory standards including ISO 9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 and cGMP